Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tabs & Guide to Using Benedictine Daily Prayer. A Benedictine oblate blog

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I use "Benedictine Daily Prayer" (BDP) for praying the divine office.

Recently, I made a set of dividers using a new format for printing the text on the card-stock and that made it easier to add some additional notes on the dividers. Yesterday, I blogged about a simple guide for using Benedictine Daily Prayer and explained how I added text to the dividers. Divider tabs are good to help avoid flipping back and forth in the book and for using other translations for parts of the divine office when I prefer another translation.

There is a new section to the Oblate Spring web site (the companion site to this blog) showing the divider tabs, explaining how they are used, and listing the materials used to make the dividers:
Benedictine Daily Prayer (BDP) — Tabs & Guide: How to use this popular book for praying the Benedictine divine office.

Materials for making tabs

Basic tabs and guide for using BDP


Earlier this year and last year I blogged here, here, and here about using card-stock divider tabs. These earlier blogs give the background of earlier tab versions.


  1. Why would you want to ruin a nice looking breviary with office tabs. That tells me that Breviaries today need a better design. You shouldn't have to flip pages. Just move from one page to the next. 

  2. I recently received this breviary in the post. It looks really good, so far! I also own a second hand copy of Daily Prayer from the Divine Office, which I pray from everyday. I'm now intrigued by this breviary.