Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dividers Conquered. A Benedictine oblate blog.

I am past the break-in, trial period for my new set of tabbed card-stock dividers I made for “Benedictine Daily Prayer — A Short Breviary.” I love them. The new dividers are super, all the texts I want to read for each office are on the dividers, so once I open the book to a daily office and move the appropriate dividers to that location, there is NO MORE FLIPPING. I just read from the book or the handy card-stock dividers — wonderful.

It used to bother me that I would begin to read in Benedictine Daily Prayer only to have to stop and flip to some other place in the book. So, one of my major life annoyances has been eliminated. What’s next on my list, world peace? or maybe learning to put problems into perspective.


  1. Oh aye; just wait til you get a 4 volume Liturgy of the Hours though. I shall save the news of the Latin Divine Office until later...much later, LOL.

  2. I think I would need to get a safety belt if I started touring the Divine Office with the 4-volume set! And Latin? I would need a crash helmet!