Thursday, June 18, 2009

Video of St. Leo Abbey. A Benedictine oblate blog

Tampa Tribune Religion Reporter Michelle Bearden prepared an excellent video about St. Leo Abbey.

St. Leo Abbey, Florida, USA, is where my wife and I are oblates. This short video might help put faces and places to what I blog about. The abbot gives all of our oblate programs and Brother Stanislaw gives the lessons for the oblate novice classes.

Michelle Bearden also wrote a Tampa Tribune article about St. Leo Abbey. My blog about the article is here.

Regardless of your denomination or faith, you are welcome to have an individual or group spiritual retreat at St. Leo Abbey -- you need not be a Catholic. Here is a map to St. Leo Abbey and my web page over on the Oblate Spring giving contact information about the abbey and the map.

I know you will enjoy visiting the abbey just for a day trip or to have a retreat. Even if you do not go there on a retreat you can pray with the monks. The divine office is chanted in the abbey church and there are books for guests. Don't worry if you have not prayed with the monks before -- they will show you what to do -- arrive about 15 minutes early and a monk will set out and explain the books. It is easy.

To also get more information you can visit the St. Leo Abbey web site. There is a retreat center and a guest house. When my wife and I visit for our own private retreats we stay in the guest house. Group retreats are mostly housed in the retreat center.

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