Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chimes: Time’s Poetic Parallelism. A Benedictine oblate blog

The Bok Carillon (Bell) Tower, Florida, USA

The Big Ben chimes in our home mark every quarter hour (listen to the chimes software we use).

Hearing the chimes throughout the day turns my mind to see God’s call and opens my heart to hear His voice.

The progression of chimes through each hour creates a kind of time parallelism. This is similar to the way Hebrew parallelism in the Psalms organizes and structures ideas. Read the rest of this blog here.


The picture is Bok Tower copied from a post card. Bok Tower is in Florida, USA.   Bok Tower was built in 1929 as a sanctuary for the American people.  It is a favorite place we visit often.  This Bok Tower picture was suggested for this blog by my wonderful wife.  Thank you, good choice.

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