Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prayer corners & home shrines. A Benedictine oblate blog

Replica of first-century oil lamp

A page has been added to the Oblate Spring website about how to set up a prayer corner or home shrine. Includes pictures of several homes shrines.

The picture on this blog is actually of an oil lamp I own. It is the newest addition to my prayer corner -- a replica of an oil lamp from the times of the earliest Christians. Here is a picture of the oil lamp in my prayer corner.

Remember the house where Paul spoke until after midnight with many lamps? Acts 20. The lamps in the house with Paul could have been like the one shown in the picture. In my case, this replica came with a candle. After the candle was gone, I thought, hey why not fill the lamp with oil and use some candle wick? So, I did. I set the oil lamp on a baker's rack where I keep my books and I took the picture for this blog and the webpage. I left the lamp burning, the flame got bigger the longer it burned and oil spread on the spout. Then the entire spout caught on fire with a huge flame. Hmmm. OK, note to self, leave the first-century oil lamps to the good folks in Troas, but I know that Eutychus would not have fallen asleep with me tending the lamps.

Thankfully, no books were incinerated in the filming for this blog.

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  1. Well, this morning you told me all about your blog, but conveniently left off the part about the Big Fire you started in our house.  I always wonder what goes on in this house at night after I've gone to sleep, and this confirms what I've always thought -- that I'd really rather not know. 

    I loved your blog about the home shrines, and seeing photos of other people's home shrines.  To view a person's home shine is a very intimate glimpse into the heart of that person.  These photos made me feel that I know these people whom I've never met before.

    Your loving wife, Teresa