Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cassian Clarity. A Benedictine oblate blog

Picture: Cristo Redentor

My wife and I are studying Cassian's Conferences. I blogged about our study a few days ago.

We study Cassian because we want to hear the monastic/ascetic message from those who were closest to its earliest desert blooms. Cassian wrote about 400 AD. St. Benedict's Rule recommends that monks read Cassian.

Hundreds of books have been written in the past 50 years about spirituality and knowing God. I do not know which books will still be on the must-read list in the year 3600 -- Cassian's will.

We like Cassian because of the substance, the depth, and the full presentation of the life seeking to dwell with God. But here is the interesting thing — clarity in our hearts comes from that substance and full presentation. Reading the ancient works is the best way for us to know what they saw while listening to God — the clarity of pure light.



Picture is Cristo Redentor by idman and is used subject to license.

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