Saturday, December 12, 2009

Abbey Christmas music. A Benedictine oblate blog

My wife and I went to St. Leo Abbey, Florida, USA, (map & directions) for a Christmas music program. Like flowers in a vase, Christmas music filled the historic abbey church.

A generous donor gave the abbey a beautiful organ a couple of years ago. The donor also plays very well and he comes to the abbey occasionally to present musical programs — like he did tonight.

The monks sang Christmas songs at the beginning and end, but the rest of the program was the organ music.

We had arrived early at the abbey tonight so we could spend time in silence before the music program started. I sat and watched the crucifix.

The St. Leo Abbey Church is known for its 11-ton marble crucifix modeled after the Shroud of Turin. Tonight’s music about the birth of Jesus did not seem out of place while I thought about the crucifix — Jesus’ death. A church is where Jesus’ life from birth to resurrection is proclaimed. The crucifix amplifies the Christmas music about Jesus’ birth. Come close all who seek a new life.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could have been there!

  2. Hi Colleen.  One of the monks even rang some "surprise" sleigh bells during one of the songs.  It was funny and everyone laughed.  His expression while ringing the strand of bells was perfectly monastic.

  3. Thanks for your visit and posting my blogspot on yours. I'm thrilled to have a follower so close to my interests and the subject of my blogspot--I will learn from you as I follow you. Thanks again and I look forward to your visits and inputs.

  4. Finding your site was St. Lucy's gift of light this morning. You have provided a unique source of beauty to the blogosphere. Well done and thank you.

    Here is the link to Abbey Style for those who have not seen it.

  5. That must have been funny!! :)