Friday, August 14, 2009

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Lectio divina links silence and light. Lectio divina silences the world and brings us into God’s light.



The picture is God by rgvmonster

Thanks Plain Catholic In the Mountains for posting about Lectio Divina.


  1. Thank you for the link to that pdf. Some other Benedictines who teach and practice Lectio Divina are the Cistercians who have Lay Cistercians attached to their monasteries. The Lay Cistercians are the "oblates" of the Cistercians/Trappists. Here is a link to more about Lay Cistercians

    God bless you.
    Plain Catholic

  2. Just a few days ago I added the Luke Dysinger article to the sidebar of my blog.  Talk about coincidences!

  3. The Carmelites also have a great resource for daily lectio divina.

  4. Plain Catholic,

    Thank you for the link to the Lay Cistercian Communities — one I did not have.  I added it to the list of Lay Associates and Third Orders.  The Lay Cistercian Communities site has excellent materials, especially on mysticism.  Very good.

  5. Joe,

    Yes, that is a wonderful, comprehensive teaching of lectio divina. 

    Fr. Luke Dysinger, O.S.B. does a good job of showing how the “active spiritual life” and the “contemplative life” are not opposites — as often thought of in the modern world.  In fact, this idea which I first read about in Cuthbert Butler’s,  Benedictine Monachism (1924), was what enlightened my heart to the monastic spirit. 

  6. Hi Guest,

    Thanks for the link.  That’s a good resource.


  8. Thank you Cellarer for the link, I added it to the lectio divina section, that's a good addition.