Thursday, June 11, 2009

Google Bundle & Better Index. A Benedictine oblate blog


On the right sidebar of this blog is a new feature called Benedictine Monasticism Google Reader Bundle. This links to a Google Reader of Benedictine and monastic topics mentioned in current blogs, web sites, and news articles across the Internet as captured by Google Alerts. The bundle also captures my Oblate Blog posts.

Excerpts of blogs, web sites and news articles containing specific KEY WORDS related to Benedictine monasticism are placed on a special Google web page.

The bundle of excerpts all on one page permits a quick scan of the list. It’s a great time saver because the searching has already been done by Google Search. When you read an excerpt that interests you, click on the link associated with the excerpt and you are whisked directly to the actual blog, web site or news article.

Here is how I set it up. I used Google Alerts to have Google do a search for blogs, web sites and news articles containing specified words related to Benedictine monasticism.

When Google Alerts finds a new blog, web site page, or news article using the specified words, Google Alerts sends those pages to another Google service known as Google Reader, which assembles all the pages in a list by date, putting the newest items at the top.

Items are collected from all over the Internet and then placed on a separate web page Google Reader creates just for all those items. And that is what the Benedictine Monasticism Google Reader Bundle does, it collects new material from all over the Internet and then lists it in date order on the special web page Google creates just for the purpose of displaying the Feeds it assembles.
A label in Google-speak is an “index term” or “index topic” for a blog. Other services call these index terms “tags.” On this Oblate Blog I had listed all the labels I assigned to my blogs. But the list got longer and longer down the right sidebar of the blog. Fortunately, thanks to Blogger Buster I was able to put all the labels for my blogs into a compact drop-down box. This makes looking at the list much quicker. Use the “Labels-Index-Tags” box on the right sidebar of this blog to find an index to all the blogs I have written.

Of course, you may always use the Search box at the top of the blog to search for any word in the Oblate Blog. To search for a phrase so that you only get results containing that exact phrase, put the words in quotes.


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