Sunday, December 7, 2008

Returning Catholics Blog — A new blog enters the Blogosphere

Jim is a Roman Catholic — returning to the Church. He writes in the Welcome post to his NEW blog, Returning Catholics:

“I grew up as a Roman Catholic and left the church when I was about 20 years old. I wandered through life searching for "THE ANSWER" to life. Eventually, I attended seminary and became a Protestant pastor.”

And he is becoming a Benedictine Oblate!

OK, let’s recap the author of this new blog by a Benedictine oblate:

Brought up Catholic.
Left Church and thought he could not return.
Attended seminary.
Became a Protestant pastor.
Still felt there was something else.
A friend invited him back to the Church.
He returned to the Church.
He is becoming an Benedictine oblate.

All of those items on the list are important parts of his life, but the friend who invited him back to the Church stands out to me.

Everyone should welcome Jim and go read the rest of Jim’s first blog entry, he has begun his interesting story of a Protestant pastor who made the journey home to the Catholic church.

But I am also saying a thanksgiving prayer for the friend too.

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