Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Early Church Fathers Internet Radio. A Benedictine oblate blog.

“In the Orthodox Christian tradition, monasticism is often called the 'barometer of the spiritual life of the Church.' So great has the influence of and appreciation for this way of life been, that its existence and status have been equated with those of the Church as a whole. As flourishes the monastic life, so flourishes the Church.”

Monachos.net is pleased to announce that, in partnership with Ancient Faith Radio, a new series of weekly internet broadcasts has been launched on 1st December 2008. Called A Word From the Holy Fathers, after the section of the Monachos.net web site of the same name, this weekly 'podcast' offers a reflection on a specific writing from the Fathers of the Church, with a brief summary of its history, meaning, and application for today.”

Well, how about that?

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