Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Retreat Compline. A Benedictine oblate blog

Guesthouse where we stayed

My wife and I are back home from a long weekend retreat at wonderful St. Leo Abbey in Florida, USA (about 45 minutes north of Tampa/St. Petersburg).

We had a wonderful time. We prayed with the monks during all their divine offices (defined), attended Mass, read old books about St. Benedict, stared out over the Lake Jovita next to the monastery, and had some tasty food served by talented cooks at the monastery.

Orange trees and Lake behind guesthouse

The days are structured perfectly in monastic life, the entire day is focused on prayer and it is easy to stay close to prayer.

Yes, Florida is warm & beautiful

We walked a lot, walking is a good way to fill some time before or after a divine office. The weather did turn coolish on Sunday, but we still read outside in the white chairs in front of the guesthouse, we just moved the chairs into the sun.

We returned home much rested in our hearts and saying to ourselves, ok, tell me again, what are the drawbacks of that type of life?

May the divine assistance remain with us always,
And with our absent sister.

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  1. I have stayed at that guest house. What a beautiful place to stay and to pray. I loved sitting on the porch and watching the sun set behind the lake. Blessings!