Sunday, November 23, 2008

The protection of silence. A Benedictine oblate blog

I spent most of the weekend listening to EWTN TV shows I recorded (Scandal of the Cross and Its Triumph — Bob and Penny Lord) and I played them over and over as I worked on revisions to the Oblate Spring website associated with this blog.

The TV show is on the history of church heresies. I like the Scandal of the Cross series because of its overview of large blocks of time in church history. We are more closely related to those events of long ago than ever reported in today’s press. And reading a paper from the 11th century would probably better prepare me to understand my world.

I also enjoyed thinking about a wonderful postal poem by a Square Peg Breaks Free. For me, her super poem is about time and noise. I liked the poem and the photograph by Mikey G. Ottowa.

Life has lots of noise — not the TV shows, they actually helped me see that much of what passes as news and happenings and things to follow really have little effect except as distractions today.

The postal poem and photograph helped remind me that silence’s first protection is from the noise of empty time.


  1. Hi John,

    I stopped by to read and get to know you a bit in the process. It is always a blessing to meet members of the Oblate family. Nice place you've got here. And some really interesting links.

  2. As a Catholic mother, I find silence allows me to experience closeness with God and to view the hectic parts of my life from a different perspective.

    Often, I find I am overwhelmed by the expectations of my life, but when I can still myself and reflect, it is much easier to experience wonder at the part of God's creation that I am shepherding.

    Thanks for the links and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. Midwest Mom, you are so right. Silence is essential to the successful hectic life! ;)

    Moms deserve everyone’s praise for how you can do so many different things in a day. Thanksgiving is a good time for giving thanks for busy moms.