Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oblate Sunday. A Benedictine oblate blog

Oblate Sunday was like we had never left the weekend retreat from last month. This oblate Sunday was deeply humbling and provided new spiritual guidance. Both the retreat and this most recent oblate Sunday had conferences on God’s love and mercy given by the Abbot.

I like oblate monasticism because I sense that I am moving little by little to a life closer to God, to a more obedient life, and to a life secluded by a peaceful heart.

The Abbot’s teaching might be thought of in one of two ways depending on your view of the spiritual growth. For instance, I see the Abbot painting the grand structures and main forms of a picture on a large canvas which we can then fill in with the details of our own lives. Or, I might be seeing the Abbot using fine brush strokes to paint the most intricate details of the painting while leaving it to us to color-in the easier parts of our own Christian life.

So, I returned home with a clearer picture of what the result should look like in my own life and a greater confidence that I know where to work.



I looked at the ceiling tile in the St. Leo Abbey Lake Room to see if it matched the tiles from another monastery. (see previous blog). Yes, both ceiling tiles are WHITE! But, beyond that they are totally different! I added the a picture of the St. Leo Abbey ceiling tile to the previous blog so you can see how off my memory was.

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