Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's New -- Oblate Spring web site housekeeping

This oblate blog is the companion of the Oblate Spring web site. The Oblate Spring web site has handy information for people who have never heard of Benedictine oblates, but who are looking for a deeper spirituality in their busy lives. That was me a few years ago and I might be able to help others who think an oblate is only an odd-shaped spheroid.

Well, recently I reorganized the Oblate Spring web site to make finding information easier. After I worked for hours and thought the revisions were good, it occurred to me that another revision might be to designate the first page you go to after entering the web site as Page 1 and the next page could be called Page 2. So the key pages you should visit to get the essential information could actually be numbered in the order you should read them!

This insight was like a light dawning in my head. I thought that this concept of numbering each page in order might even be used in other media like books, magazines, and newspapers!

So, it was back for several more hours of work on the web site to incorporate this innovation.

In addition, there are more links on the oblate resources page of the web site and the two indexes are now easier to use because the index entries are now the links to the topic.

There is a What’s New page where the changes are tracked.

I also added a page about What I am doing.

For those who have about a minute to just get the highlights of being a Benedictine oblate, there is a Mini Index giving you what you need to know fast.

For those who want more in-depth materials on monastic topics, in addition to the other resource links, such as booklists and online messages boards, there are now links to about 20 major monastic articles in the New Advent encyclopedia.


  1. I just saw and read some of the parts of the website...I would read some more next time...I started to read more about the life in the monastery last week...your blog is really helpful for me..

    God bless you John!

  2. Thank you for your visit, and for your kind comments! I have enjoyed reading your blog so far - very informative!