Friday, October 31, 2008

Oblate Sunday. A Benedictine oblate blog

This Sunday my wife and I will drive to the abbey for oblate Sunday. This is the first oblate meeting after our oblate retreat weekend — the peaceful spirit from that retreat is still a light in our hearts.

We have so much to be thankful for from that retreat, the abbey monks who welcomed all the oblates into their home for the weekend, the deep spirituality of the conferences we attended — all led by the wonderful abbot, the other oblates (defined) whose interest in oblate monasticism is like our own, and OK, I will also add — the great food we had all weekend.

My sense is that lectio divina should occupy much of tomorrow and serve as preparation for oblate Sunday (example of the schedule from a previous oblate Sunday).


  1. Aye, tis that first word of the Rule of St. Benedict: "Listen". My favorite times at Oblate retreats were the silence and the stellar library in which I could indulge my favorite weakness...reading.

    May Christ's peace, not the world's peace, be with all my Oblate brothers and sisters at their confab. Prayers of travelling mercies be to thee.

  2. Plain Catholic,

    Thank you. I enjoy reading your comments about St. Leo Abbey in Florida. My wife and I often think about all the people who have walked its grounds, especially you. Your spirit comes right through your Plain Catholic blog and your comments.

    Your blessing means a lot.