Sunday, September 21, 2008

“No friends for You!” A Benedictine oblate blog

Click on Picture to see Yahoo's message to me

I signed up at YahooBlogLog after I saw that the “Tales From the Cenobite — Within and Beyond” blog had signed up too.

It took me a long time to understand the Yahoo setup, but I muddled through and have a bare-bones YahooBlogLog.

OK, that’s the background.

Well, after I finished setting up my YahooBlogLog and I was becoming more familiar with the Yahoo concept of a BlogLog, I decided I would expand my envelope at bit and see what other things I could do with the YahooBlogLog. I put in all my “Tags” and “labels” so people could find this Oblate blog and the Oblate Spring web site. Then I saw a link where Yahoo says I could locate friends on Yahoo. That typically means, I have come to learn, finding other people on that particular Internet service who have similar interests, and sometimes it is difficult to share information with people unless they are “your friend.”

All that is OK, so I clicked on the Yahoo “find friends” button and received the message back “Sorry, we couldn’t find any friends for you.” Oh, that is just great, but how very monastic!

Thank you Yahoo.

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