Friday, September 26, 2008

List of Monasteries and Retreat Centers. A Benedictine oblate blog

Want a retreat for quiet and spiritual peace?

Many monasteries welcome guests and/or have retreat programs. Welcoming visitors as Christ is part of the Rule of St. Benedict (Chapter 53). The person responsible for 1) guests and 2) retreats is often called the Guestmaster at Benedictine monasteries.

I have had experience with only one monastery, but I think that many monasteries have flexible and accommodating approaches to being a guest or attending a retreat.

Fall is here, what a great time for a guest visit or retreat at a monastery. You might find a place right near you in the following list of lists.

1. Benedictine Retreat Centers


3. Order of Saint Benedict Retreat Centers

4. — List of Benedictine Retreats

5. Lists of religious orders. You might also find more — out of the way — retreats by finding a monastery or group near where you live by using this alternate list:

+ Order of St. Benedict Confederation, or
+ Anglican Benedictines, or
+ Camaldolese Hermits of Monte Corona, or
+ The Carthusians (hermits), or
+ The Cistercians and Trappists, or
+ The Friends of St. Benedict, or
+ The Lay Community of Saint Benedict, or
+ Orthodox Monasteries and Monasticism

6. The wider circle of spiritual retreats. If your circle of interests extends beyond the Benedictine, you might find a spiritual retreat at “Find the Divine” which has a large list of other forms of spiritual retreats as well. My wife and I can trace our path to becoming Benedictine oblates through some private retreats we planned on our own at nonreligious places of tranquility.

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