Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oblate Sunday, Part 4 of 4. A Benedictine oblate blog

The River Brings Life

By Cynthia R.G.

The picture was painted by Cynthia R.G. who kindly allowed me to post it here as the final picture for this four-part description of an oblate Sunday at the abbey. The River Brings Life portrays perfectly why I attend oblate Sundays.

As a recap, Part 1 was about tradition and memory (along with giving the schedule of oblate Sunday). Part 2 was about the encouragement I receive from other oblates. Part 3 was about what books we are reading in the two oblate classes held during oblate Sunday, but how the oblate classes are for gaining insight rather than information.

Which brings me to Part 4, Summary. What is an oblate Sunday? It is being part of an ancient monastic tradition as it moves quietly — always onward and always sustained in His love.

Thank you Cynthia R.G.

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