Saturday, June 14, 2008

For Benedictine oblates small acts are forever

The Benedictine life is ordered in a comfortable harmony of prayer, reading, and work.

When the entire day is set apart for the Lord, it easier to see why every part of the day, no matter how small, is essential to the whole. The day is built from those small acts.

A good day is not one big accomplishment while everything else is ignored, a good day is when all parts, each small task is done heartily for the Lord or for others.

Benedictines honor every tiny chore especially when done to help others. And long prayers when there is nothing else scheduled are not more meaningful than the one-word prayer (called a monologion) I say when I hear the big-ben clock chimes in the middle of my work. That monologion becomes part of my current project — it lives on.

Every kindness no matter how small has an eternal existence and takes its place as part of the kingdom of God.

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