Sunday, May 25, 2008

Calendar Comfort for Oblates

I feel better knowing what day it is. When I have been very busy or very inactive, I sometimes forget to keep track of both the day and day of the week. Is this the 8 or 9, and is it Monday or Tuesday?

Knowing where I am in the Church calendar and within each days’ Divine Office gives me a fuller sense of that same satisfaction that comes from knowing what day it is.

Knowing that a time is, for example, the eighth Sunday of the year, in Psalm week 4, and Sunday cycle A, that it is ordinary time, and it is time for Vigils keeps me close to the life of Christ revealed anew each year. My calendar is not set to a number, it is set to a life.

And of course, within a day this might not only 2:00 pm, but it will also be None too soon. ;)

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